We are committed to quality here at Maryland Adure, hence we are glad to offer our clients a full 1 year warranty, on covered products, to give you peace of mind when you purchase with us.

What products does Maryland Adure cover?
  • The warranty applies to all items purchased under:
Maryland Adure Africa
Maryland Adure Customs
Maryland Adure Luxury
      What does the Maryland Adure warranty cover?
      • The warranty covers any hardware or manufacturing defects under normal use during the warranty period.
      How do I find the product vendor of my item to determine if it's eligible for warranty?
      • The product vendor name is located on the product page, above the title of the product.
      Who covers the shipping fees inquired during the warranty transactions?
      • The customer is responsible for all shipping fee inquired with handling any warranty inquiries.
      What issues does the warranty not cover?
      • General wear and tear, improper handling or lack of care
      • Scratches or chips to hardware that do NOT render it unusable
      • Damages caused by repairs, or adjustments carried out by a third party
      • Lost or stolen goods or parts
      • Discoloration of fabric
      What is the warranty period?
      • A one (1) year warranty comes with all products under:
      Maryland Adure Africa
      Maryland Adure Customs
      Maryland Adure Luxury
      • To learn more about our warranty click HERE.
      • The Warranty Period for Maryland Adure covered products expires one (1) years from the DATE OF PURCHASE.
      • Within the warranty period, if the covered item is proven to be defective in hardware or manufacturing under normal use, Maryland Adure will provide a like for like replacement, at no charge. All shipping fees are paid by the customer. If your model is not available, an alternative of equal value or similar style will be provided.
      • The first replacement item will be covered under the Maryland Adure warranty one (1) year period from the date of issue. Any subsequent request with the same issue may not qualify for the warranty.
      Where can I find more information on the warranty?
      • For more information or questions about the warranty, contact us HERE.