Pearl | Strip Eyelashes Extensions

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Dazzle with our Pearl | Strip Eyelashes Extensions by Maryland Adure. Crafted with large gapping and a thick band, these lashes provide a unique look perfect for any occasion. Long hairs and zig-zag hairs make them perfect for adding a subtle yet stunning definition to eyes. Treat yourself and create unforgettable beauty.

25mm Length
3D Lashes
Up to 22 Individual Wears
Wispy Synthetic Hairs
Thick Black Lash Band

Shipping: Allow up to 3 working days for processing prior to shipping your order. If you need your lashes sooner, please contact us.

Returns: Due to the unique nature of the material, there are no strip eyelashes is identical. All strip eyelashes will be a slight variation of one another. If you have any questions about the bag you will receive CONTACT US before you purchase. Once purchased, all items are non-refundable.

Maryland Adure eyelash extensions are very durable and meant for multiple wears. Eyelashes can be cleaned by soaking in a mixture of warm water and mild soap for 10 minutes. While in solution remove any makeup and glue stuck on the lash. Rinse the eyelashes in warm water and pat excess water off.

While wet, gently brush out the each eyelash to maintain its full wispy look and set aside until dry. Do not wear wet lashes, and do not store the lashes back into it's box until dry.

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